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ciao a tutti, volevo sapere se qualcuno mi pu? indicare la locazione del vin number e del numero motore e casting number di una cadillac berlina del 1960, lo vuol sapere un mio amico a cui serve per richiesta della tanto agognata scheda tecnica ASI.

Grazie in anticipo
Fonte: "Catalog of American Car ID Number 1960-1969".

Veicle Identification Number:

"...this series of numbers and letters is stamped into the top left frame support next to the radiator support, and enclosed by asterisks. The number is also an the top surface of the engine block, forward of the valve cover on the left side."

Body Number Plate:

"Complete identification of each body is provided by a plate riveted to the cowl at the left center under the hood."

Engine Number:

"The serial number of all 1960 Cadillac engines is stamped on the lower left hand side of the cylindr block, between the two welch plugs, just above the edge of the oil pan."